School Project 2021 – 2023

Project description Erasmus+

This project is about photography, a skill our students use and need almost daily. During the project activities, they use digital equipment to photograph and present their lives, schools, surroundings and their view of Europe to their peers from partner countries.

The aims of the project:

– to improve their motivation and increase their enthusiasm

– to improve their practical skills in photography

– to improve intercultural awareness and sense of identity

Partner Schools

Ali Haydar Ersoy Secondary School
Istanbul, Turkey

Santau Secondary School,
Santau, Romania

Campus di Monaco Internationale Montessorischule,
Munich, Germany

Timeline of activities

November 2021 – Start of project, online meeting of coordinators
December 2021 – Logo competition at all three schools
January 2022 – Online vote for project logo
February 2022 – Creating photo stories for our first mobility

March 2022 – Activity 1: Visit to Munich
Students and teachers from Istanbul and Santau spent six days in Munich, from 20 – 26 March 2022:

  • Staying with host families and experiencing everyday life in the Bavarian capital.
  • Joining in classes and activities with their peers at the Campus di Monaco International Montessori School.
  • Taking part in a photography workshop.
  • Exploring the sights of Munich and beyond
  • Using and improving their photography skills.

May 2022 – Activity 2: Online presentations and photo workshop